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The Bad News: Working in the digital world, we’ve seen first-hand how hard it can be to tie digital in with the rest of the big picture of business operations. Professionals in the digital industry struggle with turning these digital trends, news, and tactics into management decisions because they fail to understand how everything plays together into the bigger scope that executives truly care about.

The Good News: We created this podcast to address exactly that, in one convenient place.

Hosted by Austin Mahaffey and Pat Kreidler with John Saunders and Joe Hollerup, our goal is to tie the worlds of digital marketing and 21st century business together, and deliver a refreshing take on what it all means.

We will be doing deep dives into popular business topics & trends, answering digital marketing questions, having conversations around the top tech companies, and interviewing business leaders. And, as if this even means mentioning, we are going to have some fun and keep it entertaining along the way.

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